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Entry #2

Armissea's Posting Survey

2013-09-13 23:21:12 by ArmisseaAvengers

So I sent some private messages to some random General BBS regular posters, and I got seven responses within 24 hours, and I talked to another BBS regular about Armissea's posts recently. The messages were a survey to ask people what they thought of Newgrounds user Armissea (also known as Ultor), who is known for his infamy around the BBS and his high stat rankings. I asked people to describe his posting style in at least one word, and I got a variety of different responses.

Two of them regarded shittiness: "moronically shitty" / "shit." Another user said his posts are "terrible."

One made a reference to disorders by saying that Armissea's posts are "dripping with autism."

Another said "Brain damaging and not the good kind. Made me want to track him down and slit him in the throat."

One user said his posts are "epic", and another user said "great." Even though they may have been sarcastic, I will take those as positive responses.

One was not familiar with Armissea, so he just simply said "hello."

In essence, four of the responses were negative, one other did not know enough about Armissea to make up an opinion, and the other two seemed to have positive outlooks on Armissea's posts.

If you want to add to the survey, feel free. Send me a PM about what you think of Armissea/Ultor's BBS posts and behavioral traits.


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2013-09-14 01:25:14

I fully stand by my "moronically shitty" comment.